Day 3 - Sunday

Research and breakouts on multiple birth issues

The final day is where you will hear about relevant research studies plus updates on existing studies and publications from the AMBA Patron. You have the opportunity to participate in a variety of breakout sessions covering a range of lifestyle, parenting and topical subjects for volunteers and families.

Who should attend?

Member families and the wider community that have an interest in multiple birth and our unique issues.

Day 1 - Friday

AMBA Appreciation Awards dinner

The AMBA Appreciation Awards recognise and reward the commitment of our volunteers in supporting multiple birth families. The awards focus on and celebrate the adoption of the AMBA values in how our volunteers engage within their clubs and within the broader community.

Who should attend?

We welcome a broad audience and special guests to attend our awards dinner. It's a celebration! 

Day 2 - Saturday

AMBA business & organisational efficiency

The sessions on this day include an update from the Board of Directors, the required business meetings (Plenary, Annual General Meeting) plus the innovative "AMBA Club Unite" session that enable sharing of expertise, aligning on expectations, and uniting the AMBA community.

Who should attend?

Club committee members, general committee members, member families and volunteers.

The convention program is designed to meet the needs of attendees who hold varying roles in our community. There is relevant content whether you are a volunteer working in any role within AMBA member-club community organisations, a professional who works in a healthcare capacity with an interest in multiple birth, someone looking for fresh ideas from people who understand your challenges or a parent who needs a weekend of inspirational content to reconnect you to our cause.

While Facebook groups and webinars are great, there is a limit to how much you can learn and implement from those remote methods. The convention experience is invaluable. You will:

  • unite with committee members, club volunteers, board directors and community leaders
  • discover more about the NFP sector, build a better club and enjoy your volunteering more
  • build your network with volunteers who are aligned on values and put members before themselves
  • develop with your team and take time out of the whirlwind for a weekend to refresh, realign and refocus.

    Most importantly, you will create connections.

Plenary sessions are designed for all attendees. The expectation is that all attendees participate in the plenary sessions and then move on to selected breakout sessions.


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