The Australian Multiple Birth Association National Convention is Australia’s keynote event focused on how to manage, govern and sustain the best support services for families with twins, triplets and more in a grassroots community capacity.

Over two days and numerous sessions, join one hundred community club leaders, volunteers and board members to explore AMBA's most pressing issues:

Volunteering | Governance | Strategy | Support | Research | Policy | Health and wellbeing


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Who should attend AMBA National Convention?


working in any role within AMBA member-club community organisations


who need a weekend of inspirational content to reconnect you to our cause


looking for fresh ideas from people who understand your challenges


who work in a healthcare capacity, with an interest in multiple birth

Why attend AMBA National Convention?


Build your network with volunteers who are aligned on values and put members before themselves


Develop with your team – take time out of the whirlwind for a weekend to refresh, realign and refocus


Discover more about the NFP sector, build a better club and enjoy your volunteering more


Unite with committee members, club volunteers, board directors and community leaders

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