The Australian Multiple Birth Association National Convention is Australia’s keynote event focused on how to manage, govern and sustain the best support services for families with twins, triplets and more in a grassroots community capacity.

AMBA's Annual National Convention unites a national federation of multiple birth associations to network, learn and discuss the key issues facing our member-families and the volunteers serving them. Convention is a feature in the AMBA calendar, as it's the only opportunity for member-clubs to effectively collaborate, enabling discussion of key issues and interaction with the Board of Directors regarding the strategic direction of AMBA.

While the 2-day event provides an opportunity for AMBA to conduct its annual general meeting and other association business, convention will feature speakers and workshops focusing on a variety of topics, including strategic direction, research on multiple births, international insights for multiple birth organisations, volunteer management and operational efficiencies.

The convention experience is invaluable. Convention strengthens the ties between geographically dispersed clubs and encourages innovation. Club volunteers see that they are not alone, that others have similar challenges and issues and they solve for solutions together. A strong network of clubs brought together by national convention enables committees to focus on servicing their families and not waste valuable volunteer hours with re-inventing the operational wheel. The economy of scale offered at convention allows AMBA member-clubs to benefit from an annual opportunity to share information and resources with over 40 other clubs from all over the country.

"With a majority of member-clubs represented, National Convention enables our tiered organisation to align on priorities and activity for the coming years so we can continue to deliver on our mission."

Ashlee Tenberge, AMBA Chairperson